When Anxiety Becomes A Disorder

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious at times. Fear helps people to stay out of trouble and to avoid things that are bad for them. Without a healthy sense of fear you might not back away from a growling dog or Ways to calm anxiety think twice before leaning out over a cliff to take a photograph. As with many aspects of human life, though, it exists on a spectrum. Some people feel far too little, and tend to behave recklessly. Others feel it far too acutely, and may struggle to even leave their homes. If you’ve ever wondered if you might have an anxiety disorder, the key distinction is whether it has become something that interferes with your ability to live a full life.

Understanding Your Anxiety

Before you debate seeking an official diagnosis, it’s important to have a deeper understanding of what is involved. Generally speaking, a disorder can only be diagnosed if it has been an ongoing problem for at least six months. This time frame is used because mental health professionals try to distinguish between feelings that are a reasonable response to our situation, and feelings that have turned into a self-perpetuating problem.

Feeling anxious for your first month or two at college, as you adapt to living on your own and doing a lot of things for yourself that have always been handled by someone else is normal. An ongoing feeling of dread that doesn’t seem to have any ties to any particular cause is a sign of a problem. The Anxiety Solution can help you develop a better sense of exactly what variety of anxiety you may be experiencing.

Taking Action Against Anxiety

How to deal with anxiety is a question that each person has to answer individually. Solutions for fears and phobias don’t necessarily come quickly. It’s not uncommon for a psychiatrist to arrange a prescription for an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication to help tone the problem down a little while the patient learns techniques and strategies that can serve as the foundation of a more lasting solution.

There are some people who do best when they remain medicated for the rest of their lives. Just as a diabetic person will always need insulin, some people with anxiety problems need the support of their medications to function well. For most patients, though, there are other approaches that can work. The Anxiety Solution requires each person to find the most effective approach for their own situation.


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